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The criteria for each of these classes shall comply with the Association's current membership definitions. The Society shall have five 5 classes of membership: Active, Associate, Special, Corporate and Institutional. These members will have all the rights and privileges of the Society except that only Active members of the Association shall be entitled to hold office or vote. Active, Associate and Special Members. Each applicant for membership shall meet all of the qualifications of the class of membership for which s/he applies. Providing all qualifications are met and Association or Society dues paid, the equivalent membership classification shall be granted in the Society as has been granted by the Association. Corporate and Institutional. Each applicant for membership shall meet all of the qualifications of the class of membership for which s/he applies. Providing all qualifications are met and Society dues paid, membership will be granted in the Society only The Officers of the Society shall be a President; a President Elect who automatically succeeds to the Presidency when the President's term ends; a Vice President; a Secretary; a Treasurer and an Immediate Past President Each chapter shall be represented on the Board of Directors by the Chapter Chairperson and by one additional member regardless of the number of chapter constituents. The Board of Director Membership will consist of one 1 Chapter chairperson plus one 1 additional member of each of the six 6 chapters and the Society officers President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and the Society Delegate and alternate Delegate no more than 20 members. The term of office for President shall be for a period of two 2 years and no individual shall succeed him/herself in office.

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Flowers are found throughout the world even in those places, where there are very few signs of life. The color of the appearance of flowers will change but they are still present and growing there. The types and structure of flower plants, varies from one country or even region to another. There are thousands of different varieties of flower plants to choose from. They are also the best gifts for any type of occasion and you can send them to your loved ones. The main reason is that flowers are bright, they represent life and they have colors, which make them attractive. You can present your loved ones, with different types as each flower has a specific meaning and origin. Here, I am going to discuss the most popular flowers that are found in Asia. Cymbidium is popular in Japan and as well as China, as the climatic conditions are favorable for the growth of this flower. In Chinese tradition this flower holds a special place and has been grown for more than thousand years. It is also included in the list of four different noble plants.

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