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On Monday, two more were announced: An extra large virtual machine instance size and a new premium storage offering. The G family of virtual machines come with twice the memory of AWSs largest current virtual machines and four times more than Google Compute Engines largest VMs. The Premium Storage VMs offer 32 TBs of storage per machine with 50,000 IOPS input/outputs per second. The new services are aimed at attracting large scale workloads, such as enterprise class databases and high performance applications. Microsoft also, as expected, launched a new marketplace of partners and services that run on top of Azure. The company highlighted partner Cloudera, which offers a Hadoop big data processing tool on top of Azure, as an example. Microsoft also announced support for its fifth version of Linux on Azure with the introduction of CoreOS virtual machines. During the event, Nadella said: Microsoft loves Linux, as part of his emphasis that Microsoft wants its cloud to be a platform for all types of workloads, not just those from Microsoft. Microsoft rattled of a slew of enterprise customers using Azure, from GE Healthcare to AccuWeather, NBC and Heineken. More details on Microsofts strategy can be found in its blog here. Microsoft is also building up the capacity of its public cloud.

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They need to be teaching about Black Wall Street in schools. We really need to never forget this event and others in our history where horrendous devastation and loss of innocent black lives occurred. Racism continues to run rampant in America and until we really sit with it and make constructive and lasting changes together as a nation we will never heal and history will unfortunately continue to repeat itself in the horrendous ways that we see today. Anybody can make up stories and they can ADD and SUBTRACT things from the story. I have heard several different versions already. Reading the comments there are a few people who say this story has been changed.

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Sahara is the worlds biggest desert or it should be The Sahara is the worlds biggest desert?which is correct and why?Please answer them with reasoning Thank you. 3. The Nile is the longest river in the world. The is used with the names of oceans, seas, rivers, gulfs, and canals bodies of waterThank you very much for helping people in clearing there doubts patiently and most important clearly. Thank u Thank u very much. Dear Maam Melanie, I have come across in some book written that The cannot be used before non countable noun mass noun but how come the following sentence is written. They decided to sell the furniture. Here in this sentence furniture is uncountable. Maam could you please explain and clarify my doubt Im looking forward for your reply. Thanks in anticipation. You dont need to use Maam in your greeting.

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Hattie and Marzano also found several ways for students to engage at a deeper level. These include exploring relationships between things using:These are practical strategies that exemplify the higher levels of the SOLO taxonomy. This is an alternative to Bloom that Hattie advocates. Robert Marzano found that you need to give your students feedback while they still have time to improve. John Hattie agreed with this but went further. He found that:Robert Marzano explored ways to enhance students vocabulary.

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While most are bullish on golds long term prospects, they say it doesnt mean there wont be selloffs along the way. It doesnt mean gold will go up every day, every month or every year, said Merk. But its a good diversifier, and since 1971, gold has had an annual return of about 8%. Tocqueville Gold Fund TGLDX, which invests in gold, precious metals, and securities of gold related companies, including mining firms, has generated returns of 94% so far this year. Its been a rough ride for many retail stocks in 2016 as the sector has wrestled with declining sales, store closings and a few bankruptcies. Yet, real estate investment trusts that own certain retail properties in particular, the free standing stores have soared to record highs this year, with year to date total returns averaging more than 34%. And experts say the REITs run may not be over yet, although profit taking and fears of interest rate hikes could pose headwinds. Retail stocks have been in a funk, as big name retail chains, such as Macys M, reported falling sales, weak earnings projections, and plans for more store closings. Bankruptcy filings from such retailers as Aeropostale, Pacific Sunwear of California, and the Sports Authority, added to the angst. And disappointing retail sales data from the Commerce department In July fueled investor fears further. But the retail sales turmoil has little if any impact on REITs that own free standing retail properties.

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