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cultures and civilizations have clashed there over the course of time. VMAN's own Photo and Bookings Director, Goran Macura a Belgrade born citizen, notes that although it's rough history and its meaning remains steadfast, the city remains determined to evolve underlining its community. "Belgrade has a juxtaposition between the ancient and the new, modern. I that it lies between two rivers, for me, they are the source of serenity and also the epicenter of nightlife during the summer. " He continues, "There are many floating restaurants and night clubs. I the energy of the city, its very vibrant. Belgrade has incredible food, great hospitality, superb nightlife, and beautiful people. And what I the most about it, is the way that it makes me feel carefree. "The Johnny Goodman Golf Course near 96th Street between Q and Harrison streets is remodeling everything from its fairways to its bathrooms. We're basically going through the whole course, which hasn't been done in years," said Broke Bench, Nebraska Parks and Recreation director. KETV NewsWatch 7 got an exclusive tour on Wednesday as the citys park and recreation employees brought in special trucks for tree trimming work.

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It's unrealistic and inefficient. But a limited number of electric bicycle models include 'regen' like the BH Emotion Neo range or regenerative braking. Regen creates power while coasting or using the brakes. Although none of our electric bicycle include regen yet, it is available on a some very expensive electric bicycle models. But does the cost justify the energy savings?Regen only produces a small amount of power when braking or coasting. If you live in an extremely hilly environment with lots of downhill terrain, it might provide some benefit. But in our opinion, it's not worth the extra cost since it only provides a 5% to 10% increase in range / battery life under ideal conditions. Most independent filmmakers do not research and utilize realistic sales projections when developing their Business Plan, or worse, they do not use sales projections at all. This is a huge mistake. Sales projections for your film project are absolutely necessary so you can properly budget your project, raise the necessary financing, and ensure your chances of paying your investors back. Keep in mind there are many variables which will determine the price distributors will pay for your film at any given time including, but not limited to: market trends, comparables, genre, subject matter, actors, producers, or directors involved in the project, if it did well at festivals, commercial viability, etc.

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