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T 11, p. 698; Yu Gessen. Istoriya evreyskogo naroda v Rossii henceforthYu. Gessen: V 2 T. L. , 1925 1927. T 2, p. 160. Kratkaya Evreyskaya Entsiklopedia henceforth KEE : Jerusalem, 1976 2001. T 4, p. 79.

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Columns often put forward a point of view on a subject. For example a debate about something. Controversial tabloid newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins often puts her own point of view across in her columns, perhaps a bit too much. The personality of the writer often shines through in their columns. This allows readers to become familiarised with the style of writing of a particular columnist that they enjoy and they will purchase a magazine/ search online to see their columns. Columnist writers are often biased in their pieces of writing as it is all their own opinion, however they do use facts to backup their opinions. Humour Be challenging for the reader Reinforce a readers opinion Will introduce another dimension Debates And wont be controversial just for the sake of itThe first workshop of Digital Journalism involved going over what we would cover throughout the module. We were given a module guide that stated the workshop schedule which was extremely useful and will help us as a group to be organised!. Assignment 1 40% involves sourcing a story from an online content, re writing a current news piece in the style of our choice. It must include a number of different sources, and other digital elements such as images. Half of Assignment 2 60% is to present our online blog showing each of the weekly tasks.

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At length an Athenian Prince took upon him the task of gathering together the scattered fragments of a genius which had not aspired to immortality, of reducing them to writing, and of fitting them to be the text book of ancient education. Henceforth the vagrant ballad singer, as he might be thought, was submitted, to his surprise, to a sort of literary canonization, and was invested with the office of forming the young mind of Greece to noble thoughts and bold deeds. To be read in Homer soon became the education of a gentleman; and a rule, recognized in her free age, remained as a tradition even in the times of her degradation. Xenophon introduces to us a youth who knew both Iliad and Odyssey by heart; Dio witnesses that they were some of the first books put into the hands of boys; and Horace decided that they taught the science of life better than Stoic or Academic. Alexander the Great nourished his imagination by the scenes of the Iliad. As time went on, other poets were associated with Homer in the work of education, such as Hesiod and the Tragedians. Such poetry may be considered oratory also, since it has so great a power of persuasion; and the alliance between these two gifts had existed from the time that the verses of Orpheus had, according to the fable, made woods and streams and wild animals to follow him about. Soon, however, Oratory became the subject of a separate art, which was called Rhetoric, and of which the Sophists were the chief masters. Moreover, as Rhetoric was especially political in its nature, it presupposed or introduced the cultivation of History; and thus the pages of Thucydides became one of the special studies by which Demosthenes rose to be the first orator of Greece. But it is needless to trace out further the formation of the course of liberal education; it is sufficient to have given some specimens in illustration of it. The studies, which it was found to involve, were four principal ones, Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, and Mathematics; and the science of Mathematics, again, was divided into four, Geometry, Arithmetic, Astronomy, and Music; making in all seven, which are known by the name of the Seven Liberal Arts.

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GesturesBe aware of your interlocutors gestures, they can tell you much more than words, and learn some common gestures around the world. Take also a look on an article by the Telegraph, explaining the rude hand gestures of the world, quite important when you are dealing with foreign cultures. Link TED talk about body language Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how power posing standing in a posture of confidence, even when we dont feel confident, can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success. LinkBody LanguageA fascinating set of 3 articles written by experts on analysing body language, posted at the website Psychology Today, and 10 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips for you to use in public presentations, sharpen your negotiations skills and understanding your team posted at CommPro. biz. A . com would have been better, but . biz is fine. By the way, Google and a few other big search engines also consider when your domain name expires. The longer your domain name is guaranteed the better.

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