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Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything. Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of ism that is degrading to another person. Be Proactive. Use the 'Report' link oneach comment to let us know of abusive posts. Share with Us. We'd to hear eyewitnessaccounts, the history behind an article. This series profiles local cafes in the Ames community. We interview the staff, owners, managers and customers about what makes the This site is meant to be a primary source of information about the: text, history, and meaning of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

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3 External referee letters shall comment on the candidates performance in research and scholarly and/or creative activity in relation to the University Criteria and to the approved standards developed by the candidates units. 4 The dossier must contain all letters received. The dossier should normally contain at least three 3 letters and at least one 1 of these must be from names chosen by the candidate and at least one 1 must be an academic. iv Each candidate will submit one 1 electronic copy and one 1 hard copy of their dossier to the Chair of the Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committee DTPC by September 15 of the year of application. The dossier will include a current CV, a teaching dossier including teaching evaluations, copies of publications, and any additional materials to support the assessment of the candidate in meeting the University Criteria and Unit Approved Standards. The candidate has the right to discuss their dossier with the Chairperson of the DTPC before submitting it to the committee. 1 The Chair of each committee shall ensure that tenure and promotion recommendations are deliberated on separately, and separate reports are issued. vi No anonymous material may be considered at any level, and with the exception of the external letters of reference nothing may be added to the dossier at any time without the candidates knowledge and consent. i The holder of a preliminary appointment at the rank of Associate or Full Professor shall be formally considered by departmental and Faculty committees for an appointment with tenure in the fall term of their third year of service. ii University Criteria and Unit Approved Standards for tenure for Associate and Full Professors shall be the same as they are for promotion to Associate Professor respectively. iii Each candidate will submit one 1 electronic copy and one 1 hard copy of their dossier to the Chair of the Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committee DTPC by September 15 of the year of application.

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You can also let students know that you have positive expectations for them by referring to past successes Kerman et al. , 1980. When you tell a student that you know he will behave appropriately at recess because he was successful yesterday, you help build confidence in the student and increase his chance for success. And after a student demonstrates good behavior or academic achievement in a specific situation, telling her you knew she would be successful Kerman et al. , 1980 also instills confidence and a culture of positive expectations. Students need to know that their teachers respect them and have confidence in them. Using these different strategies to consistently communicate your positive expectations will work wonders. We challenge you to begin using one or two of these strategies today to build high expectations and positive teacher student relations. Correcting and disciplining students for inappropriate behaviors is a necessary and important part of every teacher's job. However, it doesn't have to be a negative part of your job. In fact, you can actually build positive relationships when you correct students.

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They can look to the Uber Innisfil Transit success or the regional model sparked by the success in Altamonte Springs. Commercial Driver HQ strives to provide you with quality information about driving for a living. Whether youre an Uber driver or a long haul trucker, we are here to help you succeed!Make sure you gas up before you start driving. You will get a bad customer rating if you have to stop for fuel during a trip. Dougs Referral CodeCommercial Driver HQ strives to provide you with quality information about driving for a living. We are here to help you succeed!As debate rages in Broward County between traditional taxi companies and the new game in town, Uber, a disturbing undercurrent has emerged. In emails to county officials and public comments in county meetings, allusions have been made to Broward's heavily Haitian cast of cab drivers and some passengers' aversion to that. Traditional cabs are taking an image beating in Broward and across the country as customers embrace Uber, a smartphone based service with drivers who use personal vehicles. The rides are cheaper, cars are cleaner, arrival time is quicker, and drivers are pleasant and engage in conversation, Uber fans say. But there's more to it. Some Uber supporters' comments in emails to county officials and speeches at county meetings indicate that a dislike for Haitian drivers and their lack of proficiency with the English language is one factor fueling excitement for Uber.

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